Dental Implant Solutions

This section of the website focuses on conventional methods of replacing teeth and compare that against the option of having dental implants inserted. Should you not find the answers you are looking for in this section of the website please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can supply you with further information.

Conventional Methods

To replace missing teeth, the alternatives to implants are the classical methods of fixed bridges and removable dentures (partial or full prosthesis).

Smaller gaps are usually treated with bridge restorations, while bigger gaps are restored with partial prosthesis and a completely toothless jaw is treated with a full prosthesis.

These solutions have a few advantages but they also have important disadvantages.

The right solution for every challenge

dentalimplant8Missing single tooth

One tooth and its root are missing – Procedure>>>.
A dental implant and ceramic crown are the most esthetic way of filling the gap. Grinding the neighbouring teeth is not necessary.

Several missing teeth

Two or more teeth are missing.- Procedure>>>

A fixed bridge attached to dental implants ensures optimal stability and an esthetically and functionally convincing result. Grinding the neighboring teeth is not necessary.

Completely toothless jaw

All of the teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw. – Procedure>>>

Option A) Dental implants offer the necessary stability for anchoring a removable denture securely. The denture stays in place firmly in ordinary life and can be taken out of the mouth for cleaning.

Option B) The alternatives are implant-borne rows of teeth that are screwed in place, offering a maximally easthetic appearance.