Complete Toothless Jaw

Implant dentistry offers removable prosthesis and non-removable rows of teeth to restore completely toothless jaws.

The advantages of the two solutions compared to classical adhesive dentures speak for themselves:

  • Prosthesis on implants offer secure hold in any situation.
  • The chewing forces are transmitted to the bone. This prevents bone atrophy and thus ensures optimal prosthesis fit in the long term.
  • With implant-anchored prosthesis, there are no painful pressure points.
  • The palate remains free from prosthesis material. The sense of taste and thus enjoyment of eating are not impaired.

The most attractive-looking solution for toothless jaws is a row of teeth fixed with screws. It is fixed directly to the implants and usually ends harmoniously at the gums.

Replacement of all teeth with a nonremovable prosthesis fixed to several implants. Replacement of all teeth with a removable prosthesis fixed to bars Replacement of all teeth with a removable prosthesis fixed to retentive anchors. The retentive anchors work like snap fasteners.

For removable dentures there are other methods of fixation such as magnets. Ask your dentist so that you can find out about the entire range of possibilities.