Dental implant Patient Testimonials

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Missing Back Tooth Missing Incisor Tooth Several Teeth Toothless Upper Jaw Toothless Upper Jaw
“I opted for implants because I absolutely did not want to let my healthy neighboring teeth be ground. The gap in my teeth inhibited me especially when laughing and talking to other people.

The operation was so uncomplicated that I would opt for dental implants again any time. At last I can now laugh freely again.”

“I broke one of my front teeth when I fell off my skateboard. Unfortunately, my dentist was unable to save the tooth.

I then decided on an implant because I did not want my healthy neighboring teeth to be ground for a bridge construction. The artificial crown is so perfect that I can’t see any difference from before.

These implants are absolutely terrific.”

“My problems with periodontitis started a few years ago. Two back teeth had to be removed subsequently. I wanted a denture that would be as natural as possible and be stable and fixed permanently in my mouth.

That is why I decided on implants. I had doubts before the operation as I could not imagine the effects clearly. However, my worries were unjustified as the operation was painless.

I feel very well with my new teeth and I can laugh out loud again. On the basis of this experience, I would opt for implants again any time.”

“I used to have constant problems with my full denture when eating and also when speaking. It often came loose under stress and that was very unpleasant. Since my denture has been implant-supported, it stays in place perfectly. Dental implants give me a bit more quality of life.” “Over time the fit of my lower denture decreased more and more. Even correcting this with relining no longer helped. I now have an implant-borne denture, which stays completely in place. I am very happy with this solution and can really recommend it. I feel like a new person.”
Sabine R., 36, dental nurse Sebastian Z., 20, student Heidi G., 56, official Renate H., 63, employer Gerhard B., 76, retiree