Tooth Preservation

Lasting tooth preservation in periodontitis

Healthy teeth and intact gums help us to enjoy life and give us a feeling of attractiveness, health and general well-being. A nice smile is distinguished by vital teeth and healthy gums.

Many people suffer from permanent gum recession in certain areas due to inflammation so that some of the root of the tooth is exposed. This can look unattractive and can also lead to gum problems, pain and in the worst case to tooth loss.

What is Periodontitis?

dentalimplant17Periodontitis is a widespread disease of the gums and jaw, which can lead to tooth loosening. About three out of four people suffer from it in the course of their lives.

The cause of periodontitis is bacteria, which becomes deposited between the teeth and gums, where they multiply. This is called plaque. If these deposits are not removed, the gum reacts by becoming inflamed. It becomes reddened and swollen and bleeds on even light contact.

Bacterial plaque can be removed by appropriate oral hygiene. However, if this is neglected for a prolonged period, chronic inflammation of the gum can develop. As a result, the teeth can become loose and be lost.

Good oral hygiene and regular removal of plaque that has become hard (tartar) by your dentist is the best protection against periodontitis.

Consequences of Periodontitis

dentalimplant18Studies show that periodontitis, apart from receding gums and tooth loss, can also lead to:


  • Blood vessel calcification
  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Worsening of diabetes
  • Lung inflammation
  • Premature birth

Features of Periodontitis

dentalimplant19Periodontitis can manifest itself by swollen, reddened or bleeding gums, oversensitive teeth or bad breath.
The dentist can determine from a brief examination whether periodontitis is present and when necessary can plan individual treatment.

Treatment of Periodontitis

dentalimplant20As long as the periodontitis is not too advanced, treatment essentially consists of scraping the bacterial plaque off the tooth surface.

In advanced cases, the dentist removes bacteria from the tooth root by means of a small surgical operation.

Tissue Regeneration with Straumann® Emdogain

dentalimplant21Periodontitis can lead to permanent recession of the gums and jaw bone.

To eliminate this esthetic and functional problem, a possibility is tissue regeneration by means of the protein amelogenin (Straumann® Emdogain). This is applied by the dentist to the root surface to enable regeneration of the gum and jaw bone.

Straumann® Emdogain is well documented scientifically and has been used successfully worldwide in over a million patients.

Straumann® Emdogain is a biological product, which contains proteins of porcine origin.

*Prof. G. Zuchelli, Bologna, Italy